United Electric Co.

United Electrical Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a longstanding manufacturer of Bus Ducts since 1985.

Company was taken over by Milestones Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. in 2010. The Company manufactures bus ducts for 415 volts, 7.2 KV, 12 KV and 36 KV voltage grades and various current ratings as per requirements. This bus ducts are generally used from transformer to panels and from panel to other panel for transmission of bulk power with least losses.


Product Range

United Electric Co. manufactures metal enclosed busduct assemblies for LT and HT power system up to 33KV.

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The UEC LT and HT busduct systems are used for transfer of large amount of power from transformers and generators to switchgear in various highend industries like Oil & Gas, Power, Steel and Cement etc.

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